What is the Best Height for a Standing Desk?

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Choosing a standing desk that fits your height requirements is trickier than you think. First, you need to know if you want a standing desk converter or a standing desk. 


What is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is an adjustable height desk that sits on top of your existing desk and converts it from a stationary desk to a sit to stand desk. They are also known as manual standing desks.


What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is a desk that replaces your existing desk. It adjusts up and down in height from a sitting to standing height. The benefits of a standing desk are well known: 

  • Better posture 
  • Reduced back pain
  • Better overall health from moving more

    Some other health and performance benefits of using a standing desk include weight loss, lower blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease and more.

    Weight Loss from Standing Desk


    What Standing Desk is Good For Me?

    Now that you know the difference between a standing desk converter and a standing desk, its time to find the desk converter or standing desk that fits your height the best.


    We have built our own tool called the DeskFinder, which will help you find the desk converter or the standing desk that best fits your needs for an ergonomic office setup.


    After collecting feedback from thousands of users of our standing desks on what are the most important features of a sit stand desk, Desk Riser built the DeskFinder. The DeskFinder allows you to search for a desk converter or a standing desk with the 4 following criteria in mind:

    1.) Your Height
    This is self explanatory, but some tall people need standing desks that rise high and shorter people want to have standing desks that accommodate them as well.


    With DeskFinder you choose from these options:

    Best Height for a Standing Desk

    2.) Your Desk Width
    Select the width that either your current office desk is or what the width that you would like your sit stand desk to be. Choose from these options:

    Standing Desk Width

    3.) Number of Monitors You Use
    Self-explanatory as well, but some desk risers can only accommodate 1 or 2 monitors while others can accommodate more than 2. Here are your options:

    Number of Monitors for Your Office


    4.) Sliding Keyboard Tray
    The Desk Riser Classic became famous for its sliding keyboard tray. Some people just love to be able to push their keyboard tray back under their desk. And some prefer to have the keyboard tray always uncovered. And another group of people couldn't care less. We each have our own tastes!

    With the DeskFinder, we think you will be able to find the best standing desk for all of your needs.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us.



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