Stand Up More in 2020

The Best Standing Desks for
Corporate Wellness Programs.

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Electric Standing Desk

Our full electric standing desk.
Replaces your boring old office desk.

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Standing Desk Chairs

Office chairs for standing desks
For those times when you need to sit.

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The Best
Standing Desks
to Buy Today

Manual Standing Desks

Adjustable height standing desk converters that convert your desktop into a standing desk with a simple squeeze of the handle

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Electric Standing Desks

Electric standing desk converters and full standing desks that move up and down with a simple push of the button

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Kids Standing Desks

You have a standing desk…what about your children? Standing desks for students and schools.

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Standing Desk Mats & More

Standing Desk Floor Mats, Monitor Arms, Foot Rests and more. Everything you need for your ergonomic office space.

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Latest News

Standing Desk Benefits to Your Health

Are You Sitting for 8 Hours a Day? Standing at your desk for just 4 hours a day can burn over 400 more calories per day vs sitting.That's equal to 2 Snickers Bars. Every. Single. Day. The American Cancer Society did a large, long-term study of 123,000 middle-aged adults and found that women who sat the most had a 34% greater risk of dying from any cause over the 14 years of the study versus those who sat...

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