Stand Up For Your Health

Standing at your desk for just 1 hour per day
can burn up to 100 more calories. Find your
perfect standing desk today.

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Electric Standing Desk

Our full electric standing desk.
Replaces your boring old office desk.

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Standing Desk Chairs

Office chairs for standing desks
For those times when you need to sit.

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Stand Up For Your Health

Manual Standing Desks

Adjustable height standing desk converters that convert your desktop into a standing desk with a simple squeeze of the handle

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Electric Standing Desks

Electric standing desk converters and full standing desks that move up and down with a simple push of the button

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Kids Standing Desks

You have a standing desk…what about your children? Standing desks for students and schools.

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Standing Desk Mats & More

Standing Desk Floor Mats, Monitor Arms, Foot Rests and more. Everything you need for your ergonomic office space.

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Most Important Standing Desk Features

1. ) What are ALL of the dimensions of the stand up desk? Knowing the exact measurements of your existing desk is crucial to knowing what standing desk is right for you. This seems obvious right? Well, there are a lot of standing desks that take up a much larger footprint than you would imagine. Consider the stand up desk below: (Dimensions Listed: 36in W x 22in D x 6.5in to 16in H) Seems pretty straightforward right?...

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