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Stand up for your health this year.

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Shop full electric standing desks. Replaces your
stationary office desk with a sit-stand desk.

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Standing Desk Chairs

Office chairs for standing desks
for those times when you need to sit.

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Manual Standing Desks

Adjustable height standing desk converters that convert your current desk into a standing desk with a simple squeeze of the handle

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Electric Standing Desks

Electric standing desk converters and full standing desks that move up and down with a simple push of the button

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Standing Desk Floor Mats, Monitor Arms, Foot Rests and more. Everything you need for your stand up desk.

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Vintage Drafting Tables

Our newest line of height adjustable vintage drafting tables that can also be used as standing desks.

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Tall Standing Desks

Standing is Better for Your Heart than Sitting: Health Benefits Explained

Studies suggest that prolonged sitting may be linked to an increased risk of heart disease, while standing more often appears to have positive effects on cardiovascular health markers

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