Portable Desks

A portable desk is a mobile desk that allows you to move around the room with your existing desk setup. It is typically on 2 or 4 wheels and our line of portable desks falls under one of the following four categories:

  • Mobile desk for laptops
  • Portable desk for computers
  • Lap desk for laptops (not on wheels)
  • Mobile podium or mobile lectern for presentations

As more people work from home, the challenge is finding a quiet space to think and do deep work, which involves moving your laptop, mouse, notepad(s), and phone throughout the day. The ideal desk setup is therefore a mobile desk on wheels that lets you go from room to room.

In schools, standing desks are a hit with children. However, portability is a key feature. Adopting portable desks for students allows classrooms to be rearranged so that students can rotate from sitting desks to standing desks.

Below is Our Best Portable Desks

Mobile DeskRiser Stand - 1

Mobile DeskRiser Stand


Jenny Portable Desk - 1

Jenny Portable Standin...


Charlie Portable Desk - 1

Charlie Portable Stand...