Bringing Wellness to the Workplace and Classroom

Over 50,000 items sold. DeskRiser is helping companies,  schools, parents, and workers find better ergonomic products and services that promote movement, improve productivity, and result in healthier outcomes.

Healthier outcomes start with MOVEMENT.

The way we work is changing. Movement is crucial to staying engaged and energized throughout the day, both in the classroom and in the workplace. Movement improves our blood flow and as a result improves our well being.

Just the physical act of getting up out of your seat will naturally put your body in motion. As Newton would say if he were alive today, a body in motion results in healther outcomes!

Every child needs toaround and every class room should provide their kids with that outlet

We're making healthier workplaces achievable for every company.

What people are saying

I can't say enough how much this product has helped me. I had a herniated disc and I ordered this so I could easily go from sit to stand and it delivered on every level. Great build quality, solid design, easy transition, ample space.

- Colter S.

I feels so much better since I'm not forced to sit all day and I have the option to sit or stand. It take only a few seconds to go from one to the other. I definitely recommend an anti-fatigue mat if you are not standing on carpet. Oh ITS SUPER STURDY! My monitors do not wobble during movement. It's well worth every penny!

- Jennifer B.

Love this desk. For the price, it is of great quality. I was very hesitant to order it because the price is too low compared to others I found on the internet. But I have no regrets. So glad I did it. I received it weeks before the expected arrival date. The desk is sturdy - does not wobble at all. It is just the right width to hold my 2- 24 inch wide screen monitor. It came fully assembled and there were no extra pieces in the box.

- Imelda W.

We bought this for our homeschooler. It is well made and he says the chair is comfortable. Plenty of storage inside which mom loves! There is a hook for hanging a backpack or bag. He can also raise it so he can stand and still work at his height. We love the desk and could not be happier with our purchase. Shipped on time!

- Jenny C.

Really simple product. I love how the stand feet allows me to roll my office chair right up to the foot rest, while with most other designs my chair's wheels will get caught and I wouldnt be able to reach the foot rest. The high adjustments seem to be well thought out.

- Jay D.