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By: Mike Lipka  |  Date: March 12, 2023

Desk Riser is excited to announce that we will soon be offering our very own collection of mid century modern (MCM) furniture reproductions as well as pieces inspired by MCM! Stay tuned!

Mid-century modern furniture is known for its sleek, clean lines, and functional design. Some of the most famous mid-century modern furniture pieces are shown below.

(NOTE: We will not be offering all of these)


Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Designed in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames, it is one of the most recognizable pieces of MCM furniture. It features a molded plywood shell, leather cushions, and a timeless design.

The chair has a reclining angle that supports the body's natural curves, while the ottoman provides a comfortable place to rest your feet. The combination of the two creates a comfortable and cozy seating experience that is perfect for lounging and reading a book or watching TV.

Wegner Wishbone Chair

Wegner Wishbone Chair

The Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair, also known as the CH24 chair, is a classic piece of mid-century Danish design that has become an icon of modern furniture. Designed by Danish designer Hans Wegner in 1949, the Wishbone Chair has a distinctive Y-shaped back that is reminiscent of a wishbone, hence its name.

The chair has a curved backrest that makes the chair surprisingly comfortable and supports your lower back. The Wishbone Chair is made from steam-bent solid wood and is typically available in several finishes from oak and ash to walnut. The seat is made from a woven paper cord that is flexible and strong.

Saarinen Womb Chair

Womb Chair and Ottoman

Designed by Finnish-American architect and designer Eero Saarinen in 1948, the Womb Chair is a cozy, enveloping design that is perfect for relaxing. 

The Womb Chair features a molded fiberglass shell that is padded and upholstered in soft fabric. The chair's curving form creates a cozy and comfortable space that cradles the sitter, providing a feeling of safety and comfort. The chair is supported by a polished chrome base, which gives it a sleek and modern look.

The Womb Chair departed from angular and rigid forms typical of MCM furniture, which tended toward straight lines and hard edges dominating the modernist era of furniture design. It has maintained its popularity due to its comfort


Noguchi Coffee Table:

Noguchi Coffee Table

Designed by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi, this coffee table features a sculptural base made of interlocking wooden pieces and a glass top. It has been in continuous production since 1948 and is considered a classic of mid-century modern design.

Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, the Barcelona Chair is a sleek and elegant design that features a stainless steel frame and leather cushions. It was first introduced in 1929 but became popular during the mid-century modern period.


Featuring an elegant sleek design with a stainless steel frame and leather upholstery. The steel frame is polished chrome steel, which the seat and back are upholstered in top grain leather that is hand-stitched and tufted. It is a classic piece used in both residential and commercial settings and has been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, and magazines.

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

This design classic was also created by the husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames and introduced in 1950. Designed with versatility in mind, it can be used in homes, offices, cafes and more. It comes in side chairs with arms and without arms.


One of the key features of the Eames Moulded Plastic Chair is its use of innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. The chair's molded plastic shell was one of the first products to be mass-produced using the technique of plastic injection molding, which made it possible to produce high-quality chairs at a lower cost.

Nelson Platform Bench

Nelson Platform Bench

The Nelson Platform Bench is a modernist bench designed by George Nelson in 1946. It was originally created for the lobby of the Time-Life Building in New York City, and it has since become a classic piece of mid-century modern furniture.


The Nelson Platform Bench features a simple yet elegant design, with a sleek wooden platform supported by slender metal legs. The bench is available in a variety of sizes and finishes, making it a versatile choice for a range of interior styles.

One of the key features of the Nelson Platform Bench is its functionality. The bench was designed to be used as a seating option or as a table, making it a versatile choice for a range of settings. Its minimalist design creates a sense of lightness and elegance, making it a popular choice for contemporary interiors.


Bertoia Diamond Chair

Bertoia Wire Diamond Chair

Designed by Harry Bertoia, the Diamond Chair features a sculptural wire frame and a removable cushion. It was first introduced in 1952 and is still a popular design today. Eames Wire Chair: Another design by Charles and Ray Eames, the Wire Chair features a welded wire frame and leather cushions. It was first introduced in 1951 and is still popular today.

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