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If you’re looking to make the switch to a standing desk and prefer lifting the desk yourself (versus using an electric standing desk), Desk Riser has a variety of options that fit just about any size desk you might need. 

As manufacturers and resellers ourselves, we have tested hundreds of different types of standing desks and ergonomic office furniture. Our line of manual standing desks include what we consider to be the best desk risers in the world. They all have gas spring and hydraulic lifting mechanisms that allow you to manually adjust your standing desk from sitting to standing

The criteria we used in determining which stand up desks to offer are as follows:

1. Easy to Lift Standing Desks

We tested out how easy it is to lift each of our desk risers with a computer and/or monitor as well as a keyboard and mouse and the ones that we carry were rated the easiest standing desks to lift up.

2. Large adjustable Height Desk Range

All of our manual standing desks offer a large height range from sitting to standing, meaning they are suitable for just about anyone up to 6 feet tall (72 inches | 28 cm). We even have a list of standing desks for tall people (up to 6 feet 6 inches tall (78 inches | 31 cm).

3. Strength (as measured by a higher weight capacity)

In general, our manual standing desks can hold between 35 LBs (16 kg) and 50 LBs (23 kg) of weight.  If you're using a heavier display like the Apple Thuderbold Display, which weighs 23 LBs, you will want to keep weight capacity in mind.

Apple Thunderbolt Display

4. Ease of Setup

Most of our manual standing desks arrive fully assembled. Just pull them out of the box, take off the protective packaging, and place them on your existing desk. Some of them require minor assembly like attaching a keyboard tray with just 4 screws. We made sure to design all of our products with ease of setup in mind.

5. Stability

All of our manual standing desks were tested for stability by loading the maximum weight and placing a cup of water on the surface and lowering them to make sure that the water wouldn't spill.

Are Standing Desks Stable?


DeskFinder by Desk Riser

With these criteria in mind, it's time to find the manual standing desk that fits your needs the best.


We have built our own tool called the DeskFinder, which will help you find the best manual standing desk for an ergonomic office setup.


After collecting feedback from thousands of users of our standing desks on what are the most important features of a sit stand desk, Desk Riser built the DeskFinder. 


You will see our award-winning Desk Riser Classic, a manual 32 inch wide standing desk, our Desk Riser Grande, a 40 inch wide standing desk converter, and a variety of other manual standing desks.


To find the perfect standing desk for you, go to our DeskFinder tool.


Still not sure if a Standing Desk will help improve your health?

Check out our article on the health and performance benefits of using a standing desk. You will find some good articles by real scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Harvard on why a standing desk is good for your health.

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