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Workouts you can do at your desk with your chair, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

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FitBody by Anna Victoria

Slim down, tone up, Create custom meal plan, Calendar tracker & more

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Other Exercise And Fitness Pros

NeoU Fitness By Jen Widerstrom

ALL OF THE FITNESS. NONE OF THE DRAMA. Work out anywhere, anytime with the fastest growing fitness app. 30 days FREE!

FitPlan App By Katie Crewe

Work out anywhere with step-by-step video instructions from dozens of trainers. Plus real-time progress tracking, community support and more. Katie is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, nutritional practitioner, and health coach.

Ben Bruno, Trainer

I’m a trainer in Los Angeles. I work with an extremely wide range of clients: from professional athletes, to musicians, to actors, to models, to my mom.

Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival By Harley Pasternak

Master of science in exercise physiology and nutritional sciences, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. Trained Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and more.

Strong Healthy Woman By Dr. Laura Miranda

I am a fitness coach and physical therapist; by mission, I help women ‘Become The Best Possible Version of Ourselves’. Bootcamps, Fitness Programs and Streaming Videos online.